Yes, We Can!

Yes, We Can!

The IPCC’s most recent report on climate change is a call to action that we can’t ignore. The report consists of nearly 4,000 pages of detailed information on climate change, most of which is unsettling. Reading it can feel overwhelming. And as one sifts through the information, questions start to intrude. Is it too late to turn the tide? Can we really make a difference at this point? 

The brief answer: Yes! But, we have no time to lose. Thankfully there is so much you can do to be part of the solution. Any action you can take to help solve climate change makes a difference, and together we can make a collective impact. You can also use your voice and your vote to ensure policymakers at all levels bring forward just and equitable solutions at scale. Remember, we all want vibrant communities with clean air and water and places where our children are safe. 

Are you ready to take your climate action further, to bring forth sustainable solutions and ensure a more equitable and just future for your community? Click on the links below to access our tips and resources.

Become climate literate

  • Use our guides and watch our webinars to increase your knowledge on climate change, strengthen your communications on solutions. Share these resources with others in your community. 
  • Learn about the specific climate impacts that affect your community which you can find in the National Climate Assessment.
  • Find out the many things you can do at home, and about specific climate solutions accessible or scheduled to be implemented in your community, including sustainable transportation, green jobs, public health and wellness, green spaces, clean energy, and others. 

Walk the talk

  • Knowledge is just the beginning. Putting that knowledge into action can catalyze and influence others. So, start at home with energy efficiency and conservation, consuming mindfully, minimizing waste, recycling, and incorporating more plant-based options into your diet. There are hundreds of ways to lead on climate within your home – find those that best suit your lifestyle and values. I became a vegetarian, for instance!
  • Promote local solutions in your community. For example, join a local community garden to grow local food and compost food scraps, or work with a local organization to plant trees and increase the tree canopy in your city.
  • Work with your city or town to help implement local climate action and resiliency plans.  

Get others to join you

  • Invite friends, family, and neighbors to join you. Share information on the many ways to be part of the solution, and how each can be rewarding and personally beneficial.
  • Become a knowledge broker and connect similar organizations and people who are making a difference (or want to) on climate in your community.

Use your voice and political power

  • Share your story and ideas for engaging on climate solutions in social media. Ensure that your posts are inspiring, empowering, and personally relevant to your community.
  • Advocate for federal, state, and local climate legislation and programs.
  • Vote for ballot initiatives and leaders who will advance just, equitable, and ambitious climate solutions.

You can lead on climate change solutions and play a vital role in encouraging others to do the same. Yes, you can!

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