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Why Communities & Climate Change Climate impacts and climate change solutions are happening today in communities where people live, work, pray and play
Path to Positive Communities is a program that inspires and equips local leaders to address climate opportunities in their own communities.
You can make a difference through leading by example and engaging your whole community.

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Voting for Climate

From time to time, I get asked: what’s the most important thing I can do to address climate change? I…
Senior couple at desk making emergency plan.

Waiting for Your Gas Furnace to Break?

You might have heard climate advocates sing the praises of heat pumps. They’re incredibly efficient climate-friendly devices that can keep…
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31 US Denominations and Religious Groups Launch ONE HOME ONE FUTURE Campaign for Congregations Nationwide

In a historic moment, today 31 US denominations and faith organizations have joined together to launch One Home One Future, a…

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