About Path to Positive

Path to Positive Communities is a council of diverse community leaders and organizations united to advance climate solutions

Path to Positive Communities is a growing body of diverse community leaders and organizations across America united to advance local climate solutions. The Path to Positive Communities program empowers local and regional leaders to elevate the benefits that climate solutions bring people and their communities, and inspire civic leaders and residents to support solutions at local, regional, and national levels. Leaders and organizations from American cities, counties, and states are invited to join the Path to Positive Communities program. By joining Path to Positive Communities, you will become part of a national network of leaders committed to supporting local solutions to climate change. You will gain access to impactful resources and tools to help you communicate with inspiration and efficacy, and lead civic leaders, residents and community groups toward a future that is ready to better prepare for climate impacts while also addressing the root causes of climate change. Contact our Path to Positive Communities Director, Brett Matulis, to explore a partner role. Path to Positive Communities and its partners agree to this Vision, Principles and Commitment Statement for climate solutions, action, and advocacy.

Why Communities and Climate

American communities are the wellspring of our national pride, security, and vitality. Local leaders and residents have worked together to build strong, prosperous, and livable communities in America for centuries. Today, in virtually every American city and town, climate change is impacting our communities and our essential built, social, and natural systems. Communities are increasingly affected by impacts on property, financial systems, infrastructure, and health from volatile weather, changing rainfall, and extreme temperature shifts. Now that these impacts are visible from our kitchen windows, Americans can no longer dismiss climate change as a remote possibility in a far-off land. And, local communities are bracing for more changes to come. Because of this, and the potential for leadership and innovation at the local level, local communities are a natural and promising place for progress on climate change solutions. Communities on the front line of climate impacts are leading the movement to address this challenge and prepare for the future.