Let’s Talk Climate

By path2positive

Local and community leaders are key to advancing climate solutions. Their work has drastically amplified national and international efforts to decrease greenhouse emissions and improve the lives of individuals through cleaner, healthier, more economically stable cities. However, in addition to bold climate action, leaders must communicate to their residents and constituents the needs, goals, and reasons behind acting on climate—and leverage local support for further climate actions down the road. Unfortunately, climate-communication research is too often overlooked by municipal leaders, resulting in confused and sometimes counterproductive messaging.

To fill the communication gap between city leaders and residents, ecoAmerica and its partners have released a new climate change communication report, “Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans.” Filled with practical guidelines, all backed by research, the report identifies easy-to-implement communication strategies that community leaders can use when talking about climate. These include:

  1. Communicating and connecting climate action to moral responsibility to future generations
  2. Focus on climate reality- not debating the science
  3. Focus on family and children
  4. Identify how climate change can affect personal and family health
  5. Talk about how climate action will bring benefits, not just costs
  6. Connect to community—and show how local areas will be affected
  7. When discussing consequences, quickly shift to solutions
  8. Connect personally—focus on what people can see and experiences they have lived through

These are just some of the many helpful guidelines outlined in the report. For more on the full report, please visit ecoAmerica and download your copy today. 


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