Executive Committee

Path to Positive Communities is led by a diverse and growing network of community leaders and elected officials at the city, county and regional levels. Additional leaders are from organizations that serve local officials through training, capacity building, program support and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. All members of this Leadership Circle make advancing climate solutions within their institutions and communities an important part of their leadership.  

Executive Committee Emeritus

  • Salud Carbajal, First District of Santa Barbara County
  • John Cleveland, President, Innovation Network for Communities
  • Lucinda Crabtree, President, Crabtree + Company
  • Hon. Bob Dixson, Mayor, City of Greensburg, Kansas
  • Hon. Linda Langston, President, National Association of Counties
  • Gavin Newsom, Governor, California
  • Steve Nicholas, VP for Urban Programs, Institute for Sustainable Communities
  • Sarita Turner, Director of Inclusive Communities, Institute for Sustainable Communities
  • David Orr, Founder, The Oberlin Project
  • Rand Rosenberg, Former Senior VP, Corporate Strategy and Development, PG&E
  • June Blotnick, Executive Director, CleanAIRE North Carolina
  • Nils Moe, Managing Director, Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN)

Leadership Circle

An invitation-only private network that empowers local, state, and regional leaders with tools, resources, and opportunities to connect and collaborate for climate action.

Nominate a new member

We invite local and state-level leaders to join the Path to Positive Communities Leadership Circle, a vibrant group of leaders who are committed to accelerating their climate action and advocacy.

  • August Ball, Founder/CEO, Cream City Conservation
  • Noa Banayan
  • Hannah Barg, Youth Climate Program Manager, The Wild Center
  • Robert Blake, Owner/Executive Director, Solar Bear/Native Sun Community Power Development
  • Roseann Bongiovanni, Executive Director, GreenRoots
  • Alisa Bonsignore, Strategic Communications, Clarifying Complex Ideas, LLC
  • Karla Brollier, Founder & Managing Director, Saghani
  • Shashawnda Campbell, Youth and Community Engagement Coordinator, South Baltimore Community Land Trust
  • Angela Chalk, Executive Director, Health Community Services
  • Alex Cornell du Houx, President/Co-Founder, Elected Officials to Protect America
  • Nicole DelSasso, Associate Director, Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastucture, Guidehouse
  • Lisa Fitzpatrick, Founder, Duluth Climate Mobilization
  • Genevieve Guenther, Founding Director, End Climate Silence
  • Meredith Herr, Deputy Director, Climate Access
  • Mariyah Jahangiri, Network Organizer, Climate Mobilization Project
  • Clifford Kyota
  • Barbara Martinez-Guerrero, Executive Director, Dream in Green
  • Nancy Metzger-Carter, Campaign Director, Schools for Climate Action
  • Amelia Neptune, Director, Bicycle Friendly America, League of American Bicyclists
  • Kimberly Pelkofsky, Director of Design & Planning, Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation
  • Shiva Rajbhandari, Youth Engagement Coordinator, Idaho Conservation League
  • Richard Reiss, Executive Director, City Atlas
  • La’Veesha Rollins
  • Missy Stults, Sustainability and Innovations Director, City of Ann Arbor
  • Ted Terry
  • Amir Tibbs, Building Performance Analyst, City of St. Louis Office of Building Performance and City of St. Louis Department of Health
  • Illeana Tiemann, Senior Analyst, City of San Antonio Health Department
  • Kelly Watkinson, Land and Climate Program Manager, Land Trust Alliance
  • Cedar Young, Director of Climate Education and Leadership, Community Environmental Council