Executive Committee

Path to Positive Communities is led by a diverse and growing network of community leaders and elected officials at the city, county and regional levels. Additional leaders are from organizations that serve local officials through training, capacity building, program support and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. All members of this Leadership Circle make advancing climate solutions within their institutions and communities an important part of their leadership.  

Executive Committee Emeritus

  • Salud Carbajal, First District of Santa Barbara County
  • John Cleveland, President, Innovation Network for Communities
  • Lucinda Crabtree, President, Crabtree + Company
  • Hon. Bob Dixson, Mayor, City of Greensburg, Kansas
  • Hon. Linda Langston, President, National Association of Counties
  • Gavin Newsom, Governor, California
  • Steve Nicholas, VP for Urban Programs, Institute for Sustainable Communities
  • Sarita Turner, Director of Inclusive Communities, Institute for Sustainable Communities
  • David Orr, Founder, The Oberlin Project
  • Rand Rosenberg, Former Senior VP, Corporate Strategy and Development, PG&E
  • June Blotnick, Executive Director, CleanAIRE North Carolina
  • Nils Moe, Managing Director, Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN)