Recording Available: “Replicate This: Build on Other’s Successes to Activate Your Community” 

By Jess Gray

Our most recent Let’s Talk Climate episode “Replicate This: Build on Other’s Successes to Activate Your Community” featured two finalists from the American Climate Leadership Awards. Our guests Aniya Butler (Youth Vs Apocalypse), Hannah Estrada (Youth Vs Apocalypse) and Dr. Missy Stults (City of Ann Arbor) joined us to discuss what made their programs successful and how you can replicate their success.


I think it’s just because this is our future. And this is something we try to emphasize when trying to get youth involved in the movement that we are the ones who will be facing the consequences of the climate crisis. A lot of the world has already seen the consequences of the climate crisis. And so really just saying, this is our future and we have basically two choices to act against it or to not, you know, most of us most youth are going to want to act against it.” — Aniya Butler 

“We don’t focus solely on the climate, we focus on the intersections of the climate crisis and other injustices within our communities. That intersection has been a really motivating factor for a lot of our young people and engaging, a lot of our young people.” — Hannah Estrada 

“If you’re going to do something audacious, you have to jump in. And I think our youth leaders demonstrated that better than anyone else in this movement you just challenged the system.” — Dr. Missy Shults 

Resources Mentioned During the Episode:

Youth Vs. Apocalypse 

Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations 

Path to Positive Moving Forward Toolkit 

City of Ann Arbor ACLA Replication Guide 

Youth Vs. Apocalypse ACLA Replication Guide

All of the ACLA Finalists Replication Guides 

75% of Americans are aware climate change disproportionately harms younger people and future generations. Read ecoAmerica’s American Climate Perspectives Survey report here.

Student Climate Strikes Raise Awareness, Understanding, Emotions 

Climate Solutions for your Community 


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