Why Mayors Must Put Climate Pressure on Presidential Candidates

By path2positive

Climate change has been conspicuously absent from recent GOP presidential debates. The divide between those accepting and denying the reality of climate change has long split down partisan and ideological lines. However, as more and more mayors and city leaders, from all parties, are faced with the challenges and opportunities of a changing climate, the less able they are to brush it aside.

Thanks to mayors in Southern Florida, pressure is being put on presidential candidates to address the reality, and seriousness of climate change. Cities and communities throughout Florida are already seeing the consequences of rising sea levels and king-tides, which flood city streets, homes and businesses, and even threats to aquifers that can be contaminated by salt water.

Mayors in Florida have the best interests of their residents in mind. They recognize that developing and implementing climate solutions will create jobs, improve the lives of families, and make Florida a better place to live. The time for climate action is now. Find out how you can lead in your city by joining Path to Positive Communities today!

In Miami-Dade, GOP candidates must address climate change in debate

By Mayors Tomas Regalado & James Cason | Miami Herald | March 9, 2016

Thursday, Coral Gables will host the next GOP presidential debate just a few days before Florida’s presidential primary. As the mayors of Miami and Coral Gables, we are proud of our cities and look forward to welcoming the candidates for an exciting forum at the beautiful University of Miami campus.

With all the national attention coming to South Florida, we encourage the candidates to address an issue that’s been given scant serious attention in this election, but that is vital to our future here: global warming.

To date, all of this year’s Republican presidential candidates either have rejected global warming outright or dismissed any solutions as too difficult or too expensive.

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