New Let’s Talk Climate Episode: You Can Do This: Replicable Models for Local Climate Action with GreenRoots

By Jennifer Giordano

In the second episode of the three-part series, You Can Do This: Replicable Models for Local Climate Action, ecoAmerica hosts American Climate Leadership Award Finalist GreenRoots.

Roseann Bongiovanni, MPH, Executive Director of GreenRoots, talks about launching a Cool Block effort to address heat island impacts, installing a white roof on the boys and girls club, transforming a vacant lot into a lush greenspace, providing access to the Chelsea Creek and much more.



Don’t miss the third episode in Let’s Talk Climate’s American Climate Leadership series, September 15, 2022, featuring Nancy Metzger-Carter, Schools for Climate Action/Sonoma Academy. Learn more and register here.

Additional Resources

GreenRoots Replication Guide

Register for Path to Positive Communities Ambassador Training to become equipped with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and resources to act on climate change solutions

The American Climate Leadership Awards hosted by ecoAmerica, recognizes, rewards, and amplifies best practices for replicable climate change advocacy and action in America. We celebrated these inspiring finalists at the Awards ceremony during the American Climate Leadership Summit. Watch the ceremony


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