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Hon. Ralph Becker

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is the popular, two-term Mayor of Utah’s Capital City. He was elected in 2007 and re-elected in 2011 by a wide margin. A visible and highly regarded national leader among U.S. mayors, Mayor Becker currently serves President of the National League of Cities in November 2014 and currently serves on the White House Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. As Mayor, he has been an advocate for expanding Salt Lake City’s mobility and transportation options, sustainability, equality, social justice and enhancing the artistic and cultural life of the city.  During the great recession (which began the year he took office) Mayor Becker led Salt Lake City government to address the largest budget gap in the City’s history without raising taxes, reducing core City services or implementing significant layoffs. Mayor Becker’s administration has also built a reputation for its strong emphasis on social justice, human rights and achieved landmark legislation aimed at protecting the rights of the City’s LGBT community. During his time in office, Mayor Becker has led Salt Lake City in the passing of Utah’s first non-discrimination ordinance and created the state’s first mutual commitment registry, to recognize and extend benefits to domestic partners.  In December 2013, when gay marriage briefly became legal in Utah, Mayor Becker enthusiastically officiated for 35 couples who were married on the first day. And, in October 2014, helped lead the celebration of the U.S. Supreme Court action that resulted in legalizing same-sex marriage in Utah for the foreseeable future. Before serving as the chief executive of Salt Lake City, Ralph was a member of the Utah State House of Representatives, highlighted by five years as the House Democratic Leader.  Mayor Becker is currently the President of the National League of Cities, where he advocates on behalf of more than 19,000 local governments. Away from work, Mayor Becker is an avid outdoorsman who seeks as much time in Utah’s wildlands as he can find. He and his wife Kate can often be found backcountry skiing, hiking, camping and running rivers.