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Hon. Jackie Biskupski

Jackie Biskupski is a well-known climate champion and political figure in the State of Utah. Her political career spanned city, county, and state levels of government for over 20 years. She was first elected to the Utah House of Representative in 1998 and earned a second title as Utah’s first openly gay elected official. She served in the Utah Legislature for 13 years. She was a policy advisor and project manager in Salt Lake County government for 8 years. She became the 35th Mayor of Salt Lake City in 2015, and the first lesbian elected to run a Capitol City in our country. Jackie served as co-chair of Climate Mayors, a bipartisan network of more than 470 U.S. mayors demonstrating climate leadership through action. She served as Chair of the Alliance for a Sustainable Future, a partnership between the U.S. Conference of Mayors and C2ES, helping cities and businesses collaborate on sustainable development. She currently serves on the Path to Positive Communities Leadership Circle Executive Committee. Jackie is a Conference Keynote Speaker and Virtual Presenter for Climate Leadership, Women’s Leadership and LGBTQ Community. She is married and has two sons. She graduated from Arizona State University.