Why Mayors Should Push On-Site Climate Solutions

As many regions throughout the country continue to struggle from a record setting drought, city leaders have begun to search for tools to reduce consumption, improve efficiency, and increase conservation and storage. While many climate solutions depend on large investments and bold, complicated new policies made by governments, water related progress so often requires inspiring residents to act.

A new water reclamation technology would provide homeowners the ability to capture and clean grey-water for later use. The grey water could be reused for applications like irrigation or toilet water, and provides residents yet another way to take bold climate action.

Like rooftop solar, onsite water reclamation allows individuals to transform their homes into beacons of sustainability. City leaders and mayors must work to educate and facilitate residents on their journey to climate solutions. To find out how, be sure to join Path to Positive Communities today!

After Taking a Shower, Shower Your Lawn?

By Matt Richtel | The New York Times | March 23, 2016

Food from garden to table. Solar power from roof to outlet. And now soapy water from your own shower to your lawn?

One of the many new technologies discussed Tuesday at a White House Water Summit aims to reclaim water from showers and sinks, clean it and use it for irrigation and flushing toilets, among other non-potable uses in the same home. It’s not unlike the water recycling system used for golf courses, but it’s available to individuals.

The system, created by a company called Nexus e-Water out of Australia and now headquartered in San Diego, will be deployed for the first time in a major home development in Lathrop, Calif., a suburb 75 miles east of San Francisco. Soon after, the company plans to begin selling to individual homeowners.

This technology falls into a growing movement to enable homeowners to generate natural resources on site.

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