Why Cities Are Now Laboratories Of Climate Action

CDP, a strategic research group that focuses on finding economically viable business solutions to climate change, recently released a report emphasizing the indispensible role of cities. While they surveyed a diverse mix of cities from around the globe, a common dominator is that cities are taking action to decarbonize their energy supply and invest in renewables, and saving money along the way.

A key finding suggests that overwhelmingly, cities report economic incentives for investing in renewables. There is no one path to success, but a diversity of approaches to mitigate climate change. These should be based on a city’s resources, needs, population and innumerable variables that may point leaders in Sydney to pursue solutions that officials in Taipei would never consider.  

The report brings hope and optimism to those working for climate solutions. Cities and regional governments are increasingly getting a majority of their energy from renewables, and the trend is growing. More cities are signing on to climate targets, increasing energy transparency, and learning how to adapt outdated energy generation to clean power.

These findings send the message to mayors and community leaders throughout the United States that any action on climate change can be a positive development. By working together and sharing success stories, climate leaders can advance solutions in their cities and forge a brighter Path to Positive.

Tackling Climate Change is “A Big Economic Opportunity” for Cities: Kyra Appleby

Interview with Kyra Appleby | Climate Week NYC | September 17, 2015

Cities are on the frontline of climate change because they are the first layer of government able to protect their citizens and businesses, but they’re also seeing that “acting on climate change can have a big economic opportunity for them,” says Kyra Appleby, Head of CDP’s cities program, commenting on the organization’s latest research.

Today CDP released a paper analyzing the energy mix of over 300 cities around the world, finding that “if you look at cities in Latin America, up to 75% of the energy mix comes from clean sources,” says Kyra Appleby in an exclusive interview for The Climate Group’s digital channel Climate TV. And although there is a big difference in how they are achieving their clean targets, “the good news is that cities are taking action around the world.

“There are cities – like Cape Town in South Africa – that are focused on installing solar hot water heaters, which is very different from Taipei, where they are looking at the installation of photovoltaics. What they are doing is different, but what they have in common is that they are taking action to move towards clean electricity.”

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