What Communities Can Learn from California’s Bold Oil Consumption Cuts

In California, momentum is building to put into place new policies that would cut the state’s oil consumption by up to 50%. The plan already has the support of Governor Jerry Brown, and momentum is building in the state legislature to put the proposal into law.

While there has been industry pushback, the State has already made significant cuts in oil consumption through better fuel efficiency and investments in renewable energy infrastructure. Mandates on increased miles-per-gallon standards for cars, and throughout the transportation industry, have since taken hold countrywide.

The success of California’s commitment to cut fossil fuel consumption illustrates the impact that state, regional, and local governments can have on pushing climate solutions. By implementing ambitious standards, city and state officials can pressure industry to innovate more sustainable technologies, creating more consumer choice in clean fuels, energy efficient vehicles, and alternative forms of transportation. The benefits of this transition will bring about economic, environmental and health benefits, and empower communities. Improve your city the lives of residents in your community by becoming a climate leader, and join Path to Positive.

California Can Cut Its Oil Use In Half

By Don Anair | The Union of Concerned Scientists | September 1, 2015

Governor Brown’s goal of cutting oil use by up to 50 percent, and the subsequent legislative effort through SB350 to codify that goal in California law, has raised the rancor of the oil industry. It’s not surprising an industry might get defensive when lawmakers want to slash the amount of product they sell – nor is it surprising that an industry with a history of deception would not let the facts stand in the way of their response. Despite their “consumer-friendly” ads, the oil industry is really working against the public interest to protect their stranglehold over our transportation choices.

But the fact of the matter is that California, and the rest of the nation, can cut its oil use in half.

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