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New Ideas for Youth Climate Leadership

Young people are leading the climate movement. They have the most at stake, but also the greatest vision for what is needed to secure their future. I recently sat down for a talk with Hannah Barg (Climate Program Manager at The Wild Center) and Tahm Loyd (Youth Environmental Activist with Climate Generation) about two initiatives to support youth climate action: The Wild Center’s “Youth Climate Summits” and Climate Generation’s “Teach Climate Network”. Both were finalists in this year’s American Climate Leadership Awards!

Biking as a Path to Joy, Equity and Climate Solution

May is National Bike Month, so dust off your favorite pair of wheels and join in! In this episode of Let’s Talk Climate, we talk about the joys of active transportation, helping new riders gain confidence, the equitable infrastructure needed for greater ridership, and the role of bikes in the just and equitable transition away from fossil fuels.

The Heat is On

Featuring Sergio Rimola, MD FACOG, DC Metro Co-Chair, National Hispanic Medical Association in conversation with Bruce Bekkar, MD, Fellow, Climate for Health, ecoAmerica. It’s summertime and the heat is not just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous...