New Ideas for Youth Climate Leadership

Young people are leading the climate movement. They have the most at stake, but also the greatest vision for what is needed to secure their future. I recently sat down for a talk with Hannah Barg (Climate Program Manager at The Wild Center) and Tahm Loyd (Youth Environmental Activist with Climate Generation) about two initiatives to support youth climate action: The Wild Center’s “Youth Climate Summits” and Climate Generation’s “Teach Climate Network”. Both were finalists in this year’s American Climate Leadership Awards!

The conversation was inspiring and filled me with hope about the next generation’s dedication to climate action. We touched on themes including intergenerational partnership, listening and learning from others, and the power of simply speaking up for the cause.


If you want to organize your own Youth Climate Summit, you can access a helpful toolkit here, get support through the Wild Center’s network of summit coordinators, participate in an educator or student retreatsummer convergence, or educator institute.

If you’re a Minnesota resident, you can also sign on to Climate Generation’s petition for a statewide climate justice education bill.

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