How Doctors are Treating Patients by Treating Climate Change

Featuring a conversation with Dr. Eric Balaban is a young physician undergoing formal training in a Climate and Health Policy Fellowship who is uniquely positioned to comment on the role doctors can and should play in treating climate change, and Sarah McWilliam, a medical student in Dell Medical School’s Environmental Health Interest Group, joins the conversation to discuss how trainees are joining the fight. Having completed a Masters of Science in Law, she also comments on her innovative perspective as a climate-health professional with a legal and policy background.

Doctors know how to fight disease to keep their patients safe. From infectious disease to preventing strokes, they are constantly trying to stay ahead of the next big health risk. But what happens when the climate starts making patients sick, too? How can modern medicine even approach a problem as big as climate change and what it could mean for its patients? In this episode of Let’s Talk Climate, we discuss just that.

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