The Seattle Times Joins Worldwide Collaboration of 25 Newspapers to Boost Attention to Climate Solutions

By path2positive

In recent years, it hasn't been uncommon to hear complaints that the media is under-reporting the impending consequences and local impacts of climate change. To tackle this issue head-on, last week 25 publishers announced their plan to share each other's articles on climate coverage to create greater awareness of the issues at hand. The ultimate goal is to pressure our nation's leaders -- and engage the public -- to advance a stronger global agreement to reduce emissions at the Paris global summit on climate change in December.  

Ricardo Kirschbaum​, the president of the Global Editors Network, invited more publishers from around the world to join this important initiative: "We very much hope that publications across the political spectrum will join us either in using some of our material or, ideally, offering their own material as well."

The 25 founding members of the Climate Publishing Network represent a diverse mix of political leanings and geographies. To date, the partners include:

The Age, Australia
Al Ahram, Egypt
China Daily, China
Clarin, Argentina
Der Standard, Austria
De Standaard, Belgium
El Comercio, Peru
El Deber, Bolivia
El Pais, Spain
El Watan, Algeria
Fairfax Media, New Zealand
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany
Gazeta Wyborcza​, Poland
The Guardian, UK
India Today, India
The Irish Times, Ireland
La Presse, Canada
La Repubblica, Italy
Le Monde, France
Le Quotidien de Nouakchott, Mauritania
Politiken, Denmark
The Seattle Times, US
The Straits Times, Singapore
The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
To Vima​, Greece

We applaud these leaders, look forward to additional partners coming on board, and welcome more climate solutions news coverage in the days ahead.

Global news organisations agree to share climate change content

By Mark Sweney / The GuardianThursday 21 May 2015

An unprecedented alliance of news publishers including the Guardian, El País, Le Monde and China Daily have agreed to share climate change content to raise awareness in the runup to the next UN summit.

More than two dozen publishers from around the world – from the Sydney Morning Herald to India Today and the Seattle Times – have agreed to scrap licensing fees for climate change content so that members of the alliance can freely republish articles.

The initiative, called the Climate Publishers Network, aims to create a global pool of content to provide a resource for publishers to widen coverage ahead of the UN climate change summit in Paris in December.

The goal is to expand the network beyond its founding partners, brought together with help from the Global Editors Network, until the initiative disbands on the last day of the COP 21 summit on 11 December.

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