Meet 10 Climate Leaders to Inspire Your Work

We all know the power and benefits of good role models in our lives. Here are ten role models energizing the movement for climate solutions who will undoubtedly help inspire and empower your own work as civic and policy leaders within your communities.

Meet Jane Kleeb, who has been leading Bold Nebraska’s coalition of farmers, ranchers, and other concerned citizens in a tireless fight to protect local lands and water from the potentially devastating impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline. Kleeb explains, “everything in me knew I had to act”.

Please join other community leaders from across the nation on the Path to Positive ~ Communities to lead by example and engage others on climate solutions.

10 Leaders Who Are Reshaping The Environmental Movement

By Kate Sheppard | The Huffington Poast | May 8, 2015

Environmentalism has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. From the emergence of climate change as the catalyzing issue of the 21st century to fights over the Keystone XL pipeline to the growing diversity of green groups, the environmental movement of today hardly looks like the one of yesterday.

Here are 10 leaders who are reshaping our ideas about what it means to fight for the environment today, and who are worth watching in the future:

Jane Kleeb, director of Bold Nebraska

There’s an environmental awakening underway in the heartland, and Jane Kleeb is at its helm. Kleeb, 41, has become a spokeswoman for farmers, ranchers and others in Nebraska who have waged a tireless fight to block the Keystone XL pipeline. The group is legally challenging TransCanada’s use of eminent domain to construct the pipeline, and it has repeatedly forced delays on what might otherwise have been a done deal.

Keystone was the first environmental issue Kleeb took up. “For years I was like most Americans, I knew climate change was a serious problem, but I had no idea what I could do to take action,” she says. It wasn’t until hearing the objections of Nebraska farmers and ranchers in 2010, she says, that “everything in me knew I had to act” — both to protect land and water at home and to confront climate change more broadly.

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