Mayors Calling for Clean, Green, Climate Solutions in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, they say. This sadly applies to the threats the Lone Star State faces from climate change. A recent spate of historic floods, droughts that have ravaged the state, and heat-related illnesses have already taken their toll, and projections show that more are expected as climate change accelerates.

While not often thought of as the nations pinnacle of environmentalism, many Texans have been choosing to challenge such perceptions. The state leads the nation in wind power green jobs, and there have been recent calls to drastically ramp up these efforts.

Such calls are gaining steam with the help of city and community leaders, who wish to alleviate the burdens associated with climate change. Mayor Annise Parker of Houston, and Henry Cisneros, former mayor of San Antonio, are perhaps the two loudest champions of solutions for change. In a recent letter, the Mayors outline commitments that the city of Houston has already made, including bold investments in solar and clean energy. By speaking out, and taking the lead on implementing climate change solutions, the Mayors hope to inspire municipal leaders throughout Texas, and the country, to lead the way on climate solutions.

Climate Change Could Devastate the Texas Economy

By Henry Cisneros and Annise Parker | Tribtalk | July 28, 2015

Everything is bigger in Texas, so the saying goes. Whether it’s the hats, trucks or ranches on the wide-open prairies, our state is full of traditions that are larger than life. But not all things that are bigger in Texas are better. Texas is facing big risks from rising waters, and if we don’t act, those threats to Texas traditions will only get worse.

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