How to Tackle Climate With Better Food Systems

By Deneine Powell

Join us for ecoAmerica’s Webcast Series: LET’S TALK CLIMATE

Join us for the series, “Let’s Talk Climate.” ecoAmerica is hosting fast-paced discussions with leaders in climate change on a wide range of topics. The latest special episode, How to Tackle Climate Change with Better Food Systems is available for viewing on ecoAmerica’s YouTube channel now.

Local climate solutions are evolving and expanding, and include how we grow, manage, and dispose of food. Join us to learn about these solutions in conversation with Michael Robinson from Rust Belt Riders. Robinson will share his clean and timely food waste disposal alternatives; how he is tackling climate change in Northeast Ohio by diverting food from landfills, improving soil quality, capturing carbon in the soil; and how you can bring these solutions to your own community. Watch the full recording here.


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