How Connecticut’s State and Local Leaders Empower Communities through Bold Climate Leadership

By path2positive

Two weeks ago, Path to Positive Communities launched its Los Angeles initiative, which seeks to empower faith, business, education, health, and civic leaders with the tools to develop climate action plans. Leaders across the country have responded enthusiastically, working to address climate solutions that benefit their community.

Connecticut recently announced similar plans to act on climate solutions. They represent a growing coalition of state and local government leaders not willing to wait for national action on climate change. Connecticut’s Gov. Dannel Malloy recognizes that state action will only have a marginal effect, but insists that “someone has to lead.” And lead he has, implementing a program that takes bold action to improve the environment and empower communities throughout the state.

Connecticut’s Atlantic coast line has more than $57 billion worth of insured properties that may be threatened by the effects of climate change. Recent increases in extreme weather events and flooding have exacerbated worries by local residents, business owners, and utilities. In response, the state created the new Climate Change Council. Upon inception, the Council was immediately briefed on the extent of the challenge they would face in addressing climate change. Undeterred, they sprang into action with the development of a multifaceted climate action plan to confront the short and long term impacts of climate change. The council meets quarterly and aims to reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 2001 levels by 2050. 

Connecticut’s bold action serves as another example of local leadership on climate change. Recognizing the threats and opportunities created by the implementation of climate solutions, the state’s leaders have refused to shy away from their responsibility as community leaders. See how other cities have implemented climate solutions by visiting Path to Positive Communities, where leaders can share their success stories and access resources for climate action.

Malloy: State Needs To Be Leader On Climate Change

By Gregory B. Hladky | The Hartford Courant | July 10, 2015

HARTFORD – What a little state like Connecticut does about global warming has "relatively little to do with what happens in the rest of the world," Gov. Dannel Malloy acknowledged Friday to members of his new Climate Change Council.

"Except that someone has to lead," Malloy quickly added, arguing that Connecticut can show the rest of the world "what can be done" to dramatically reduce the manmade pollution he said is clearly having an impact on climate.

"We can demonstrate here in Connecticut … that small entities and large entities can have an impact on the environment," Malloy said. "Ultimately, we have to find a cleaner way to do things."

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