How Cities Have Become the Solution to Climate Change

As populations concentrate in major world cities, communities are increasingly becoming political powerhouses. Recognizing this, former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is calling for bold action on climate change by specifically focusing on cities to take the lead.

Each city has its unique challenges and opportunities for addressing climate solutions. Recognizing this, Bloomberg encourages leaders to broaden their sustainability toolkit, to help foster green infrastructure and practices to the greatest extent possible, however possible. Cities with few resources for investing can simply accommodate outside groups by reducing overly stringent regulations. Those who hope to make large investments should seek and be given access to credit, providing funds for greater municipal investment and development.

Increasingly, religious, political, and community leaders are recognizing that cities are the key to combating climate change. Empowering mayors and municipal officials to identify and act on climate is a first step, and is already underway. Community leaders must join together, leveraging their power to get on the Path to Positive.

Why Municipalities Are the Key to Fighting Climate Change

By Michael Bloomberg | Foreign Affairs | September/October 2015

Although history is not usually taught this way, one could argue that cities have played a more important role in shaping the world than empires. From Athens and Rome to Paris and Venice to Baghdad and Beijing, urban ideas and innovators have left indelible marks on human life. By concentrating the brainpower of humanity in relatively small geographic areas, cities have promoted the kinds of interactions that nurture creativity and technological advances. They have been the drivers of progress throughout history, and now—as the knowledge economy takes full flight—they are poised to play a leading role in addressing the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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