Earth Day Wisdom

Happy Earth Day! In honor of the wisdom of all community members, I am sharing some great comments that came through my social media feed today.  I believe we are stronger together, and each of us has the ability to bring forward climate solutions and systemic change for the better. We each have an authentic story to tell, of our personal connection to the Earth, and of the amazing harmony we see in the natural balance of people and nature, which we experience all around us. Many thanks to all who are posting their thoughts, their fears, and their hopes today.  Here is a sampling, and I hope you find your own way to treasure the Earth and all the natural world today.

“We are of the Earth and she is us. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. The seeming separation is only an illusion.”

“We must honor and protect what has been given to us.” 

“I love the ocean. Let’s not destroy it with our indifference and carelessness.”

“Everything begins with you. Focus on doing the right thing and coming from a place of Love, and it will make a difference. If everyone just focused on themselves and the difference they can make, things would get better for the Earth.”

“The Earth does not belong to us. We must save it for our children.”

“There is more than the Earth that is within us and a part of existence, which gives energy and life itself. It is massive, unknown and ever changing. We share air with all living things, we are therefore connected by one simple fact, there is no separation.”

“It does not make sense to me that one has to fight to preserve water rights or land rights…given to us by nature…only to put pipelines that leak poisons or to build another hotel…if we don’t do something now we will have no future for our children, or generations that will come later.”

“We Native Americans believe we are stewards of Mother Earth. We are to take and use only what we need to sustain us. We also believe no one can own her.”

“We can be the cure. We can be the change. ‘Be the change you seek in others’ – M. Gandhi.”

Many thanks to all who are posting today, thinking about how they can change the world and take better care of nature, and of the air and water we all need to survive. The solutions to climate change, environmental racism, and pollution are before us and known to us, now. Yes, we CAN be the cure. Happy Earth Day – today, and each day going forward!

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