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Join community leaders from across the nation and join Path to Positive Communities to lead by example and engage others on climate solutions. Together, we can to build strong, prosperous, and livable communities across America.

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Together, we can put America on a path to a positive future that will protect our families and communities, create prosperity and strengthen our security. We are compelled to act because carbon pollution is warming our planet and profoundly impacting America and the world. We have a moral obligation to take action today and build a sustainable future for generations to come.


Together, we can:

  • Create a positive energy future
  • Improve people’s health
  • Build shared, sustainable prosperity
  • Prepare for harmful impacts
  • Involve all Americans

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Vision, Principles and Pledge


Together, we will lead by example and engage others in climate solutions.

Engagement - We will build support for climate solutions by inspiring and empowering our organizations and communities with actionable information and tools.

Impact - We will maximize energy efficiency, use more clean, renewable energy and take other actions that help restore a healthy atmosphere. 


Newest Leaders on the Path to Positive

Kristina von Hoffman

Outreach Director, Climate Resolve

Richard Hendricks

Pastor, MCC QC

Sarah Daggett

Director, DSK Media

Pete Woiwode

Senior Organizer, Center for Community Chage

Christopher Read

EnergyWise Program Coordinator, County of San Luis Obispo

Michelle Watts

Marketing Manager, ecoAmerica

Mr. Khalid Gindeel

Chairperson, Nuba Mountains International Association

Shaun Osting

Owner, Osting Contracting

jessica patel

sia, sia

Chelsea Johnson

Deputy Director, Nebraska League of Conservation Voters
Image courtesy of Mayor Ralph Becker

Join Path to Positive Communities, a council of diverse community leaders and organizations committed to leading by example and engaging their constituents in climate solutions.

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