As a leader you can inspire climate action and prepare your community for the future.


Resources to Engage Others

You can play a pivotal role in helping others recognize the importance of addressing climate change in their communities and at home. Choose inspirational action steps below to add to your Path to Positive plan. Each step links you to numerous resources to support your efforts. Also, be sure to add steps from the Tools to Make an Impact section.

Get Started with Path to Positive Communities
Our “Get Started Guide” offers ideas on how to get your community on a path to a positive future, from introducing ideas to implementing climate solutions, and incorporating actions into everyday communications.   > Get resources
In your platform, we will equip you to make a case for climate solutions within your community that resonates with the values of your citizens, staff and peers.   > Get resources
Through the Path to Positive pledge, your community can make a public commitment to lead by example and inspire others to care about climate change and take simple steps to becoming part of the solution.   > Get resources
Building a strong solutions team to implement the steps along your path is one way to expand and empower the support you need to be successful. Plus, it will provide you with a fresh source of ideas and inspiration as you connect climate solutions to your citizen’s priorities.   > Get resources
Find innovative and inspiring ways to keep climate solutions a part of your citizens’ daily lives by building a plan to share opportunities, communicate progress and celebrate success.   > Get resources
From your experience, there is nothing more powerful than a great speech. Here we will equip you with the right resources to speak confidently and effectively about your commitment to climate solutions.   > Get resources
Successfully connect with your citizens, peers, organizations and other communities, both online and offline, to share ideas, learn and build new relationships/partnerships.   > Get resources