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No one ever ran for city council, county commissioner, or mayor to solve climate change, but its challenges are now present in our communities —...

Improve Energy Use in Core Operations

There are many opportunities to take simple steps to improve the energy performance of your buildings and core operations, while reducing energy costs...

Recycle More, Waste Less

Promote cost and energy savings available through waste reduction, recycling, composting, and less polluting waste management and disposal.

Use Renewable Energy

Save money and create innovative solutions that advance livability and benefit your community by using renewable energy sources that are available and affordable to power...

Establish Sustainable Land Use Programs

Local governments own and manage public land and green space that can benefit communities through sustainable design and use.

Conserve Water and Manage Stormwater

Local governments can better manage water use and treatment, as well as stormwater impacts, to save energy and limit climate impacts.

Prioritize Climate-smart Purchasing and Contracting

Choosing green and sustainable goods and services can green the entire supply chain, help build demand for sustainable supplies and practices, and send a strong...

Audit Your Facilities

Conduct an audit to identify opportunities to reduce the energy and utility bills of your core operations.

Promote Energy Efficient Buildings and Facilities

The best way to cut climate pollution is to use less energy. Aid your local residents and businesses by providing goods and services that promote...

Provide Sustainable Transportation Options

Make it easy for staff and citizens to get to work and school by providing accessible civic infrastructure.

Launch a Sustainability Program

Turn your commitment into action more quickly by designating local government staff to plan and enact programs.

Conduct a Climate Assessment

Determining your local government and community-wide climate pollution will allow you to establish a benchmark against which to measure future climate pollution reduction goals.

Make a Climate Plan

Work with your agencies and staff to establish reasonable goals and achievable measures for climate pollution reduction.

Take Care and Prepare Your Community

It is not too early to assess how and where your community will experience adverse climate impacts, and to begin preparing for those impacts. Research...

Engage and Inspire the Whole Community

Local businesses, schools, professional offices and residents want to help! Issue friendly competitive challenges to get them involved.

Get Your Community on the Path to Positive With Path to Positive Communities

Our “Get Started Guide” offers ideas on how to get your community on a path to a positive future, from introducing ideas to implementing climate...

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