Moving Forward Guide

No one ever ran for city council, county commissioner, or mayor to solve climate change, but its challenges are now present in our communities —...

Climate Talking Points

On alternating months we will pick a topic or theme related to climate change, provide a few positive talking points and some responses to key...

Let’s Lead On Climate

Hear from local community, health, and faith leaders across the U.S. who are successfully engaging their constituents in programs and initiatives that promote climate leadership,...

Let’s Talk Communities & Climate: Communication Guidance for City and Community Leaders

This guide equips local leaders with the tools to effectively engage their residents and stakeholders on climate solutions.

Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Latino Americans

This guide combines qualitative and quantitative research to offer culturally relevant words, phrases, and narratives for successfully engaging fellow Latinos on climate.

15 Steps to Create Effective Climate Communications

An update to our original Communicating on Climate: 13 Steps and Guiding Principles, this guide outlines a specific, easy-to-follow process for crafting and delivering successful...

Make the Path to Positive Commitment

Through the Path to Positive pledge, your community can make a public commitment to lead by example and inspire others to care about climate change...

Connect with Your Citizens and Peers Online and Offline

Successfully connect with your citizens, peers, organizations and other communities, both online and offline, to share ideas, learn and build new relationships/partnerships.

Host a “Climate Solutions” Event

Special events such as community meetings, annual fairs and holiday celebrations create opportunities to reach established and new audiences.

Challenge Your Peers to Get on the Path to Positive

You have the unique opportunity to grow your network and collaborate with fellow leaders by inviting others to join you on your path.

Form a Climate Solutions Engagement Team

Building a strong solutions team to implement the steps along your path is one way to expand and empower the support you need to be...

Create Your Climate Engagement Strategy

Find innovative and inspiring ways to keep climate solutions a part of your citizens’ daily lives by building a plan to share opportunities, communicate progress...

Feature Plans and Progress in Your Speeches

From your experience, there is nothing more powerful than a great speech. Here we will equip you with the right resources to speak confidently and...

Build and Promote Your Climate Solutions Platform

In your platform, we will equip you to make a case for climate solutions within your community that resonates with the values of your citizens,...

Get Your Community on the Path to Positive With Path to Positive Communities

Our “Get Started Guide” offers ideas on how to get your community on a path to a positive future, from introducing ideas to implementing climate...

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