As a leader you can inspire climate action and prepare your community for the future.


Our Partners

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Path to Positive Communities is honored to have the support of a number of partners as part of its national council. These partners have contributed their expertise, ideas, resources and time to broaden climate engagement in communities across the country. Below you can find information on each of these partners, as well as links to their websites where you can learn more about their work.
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National League of Cities

The National League of Cities (NLC) is dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities. Working in partnership with 49 state municipal leagues, NLC serves as a resource to and advocate for the more than 19,000 cities, villages, and towns it represents.  

Local Government Commission

LGC works to build livable communities and local leadership by connecting leaders via innovative programs and network opportunities, advancing policies through participation at the local and state level, and implementing solutions as a technical assistance provider and advisor to local jurisdictions. With roots in California and a national reputation, LGC offers inspiration, information, and partnership for local and regional champions dedicated to building thriving communities that integrate civic engagement with environmental, social and economic priorities.

Climate Resolve

Climate Resolve’s mission is to make Southern California more livable and prosperous today and for generations to come by inspiring people at home, at work and in government to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and prepare for climate impacts.

Urban Sustainability Directors Network

Our work is member led and member driven, meaning that members collectively determine what priorities they have each year and lead the work to carry them out. A Planning Committee serves as USDN’s governing body, with responsibility to advance the strategic direction of the network. Members are fortunate to be supported by a managing director and staff who provide high-level leadership and day-to-day management.USDN’s ultimate goal is to build and strengthen the connections between members in order to quickly access each other’s knowledge and expertise to achieve better, more effective outcomes at scale. The connections fostered by USDN have become increasingly important as cities both large and small lead the way in developing the next generation of sustainable communities.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

Local Governments for Sustainability is the world's leading association of over 1,000 metropolises, cities, and urban regions dedicated to promoting global sustainability through local action. Our Members represent 20 per cent of the world's urban population and work on greening their economies and infrastructure and becoming sustainable, resilient, resource-efficient, biodiverse, low-carbon and healthy and happy.

Institute for Sustainable Communities

At the Institute for Sustainable Communities, we give passionate, committed people the tools and skills they need to inspire active citizenship, protect the environment, and take on climate change. By targeting cities and towns all over the world, we hope to facilitate a global shift towards climate change awareness and preparedness.

Metropolis Strategies

On March 1, 2011, we became Metropolis Strategies, a supporting organization of The Chicago Community Trust. The move sustains the vital regional leadership of Chicago Metropolis 2020 and brings to bear the resources of both organizations to address the challenges of the seven-county region. We seek to raise public awareness on these issues with which we are involved and to bring about concrete changes in public policy.

Innovation Network for Communities

The Innovation Network for Communities (INC) is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and spread scalable innovations that transform the performance of community systems. INC works in three primary sectors: urban sustainability, high performing urban K-12 school; and adult workforce development.

World Wildlife Fund

WWF is building a future where human needs are met in harmony with nature. WWF is challenging cities to do more than turn out their lights for Earth Hour. The Earth Hour City Challenge is a year-long competition among cities to promote renewable energy and prepare for climate change. U.S. cities that participate are recognized for their efforts in spreading the global movement to create more sustainable, resilient cities and compete for the title of U.S. Earth Hour Capital as well as grants from WWF.

Crabtree + Company

Crabtree + Company creates effective marketing communications products with measurable results. Since 1983, we have helped secure our clients’ success, showcasing their offerings through creations for print, web, video, exhibits, advertising, and more.