As a leader you can inspire climate action and prepare your community for the future.


Endorse the Path to Positive Proclamation with MRCTI Mayors

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Join the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative in leading on the path to a positive future. Mayors throughout the U.S. are signing the Path to Positive Proclamation, a commitment to making climate solutions a priority in their cities and towns.

We encourage you to do the same! Read the Proclamation to get started, and sign up below to join the growing number of mayors committed to building strong, prosperous and livable communities in the Mississippi River region.

Download our overview to learn why local climate leadership matters.

You will receive an activation package that includes:

  • A copy of the Proclamation with your name included for display
  • Opportunities for key staff members to work with us
  • Resources to help you get started on your path to a more climate-friendly community

Additionally, feel free to download the cover letter statement from the Co-Chairs of MRCTI to learn more about our partnership. Whether your community is just beginning to implement climate change solutions or is well on its way to creating a better tomorrow, Path to Positive Communities can provide you with guidance and tools along the way. It all starts with making the pledge to work towards a brighter future.

Sign the Path to Positive Proclamation

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Current MRCTI Signatories

Rita Albrecht of Bemidji, MN
Paxton Branch of Tallulah, LA
Roy Buol of Dubuque, IA
Chris Coleman of St. Paul, MN
Belinda Constant of Gretna, LA
Dwayne Hopkins of Muscatine, IA
Hyram Copeland of Vidalia, LA
Tim Kabat of La Crosse, WI
Dave Kleis of St. Cloud, MN
Dave Lattus of Hickman, KY
Russell Loven of Guttenberg, IA
Bill Luckett of Clarksdale, MS
Sonya Paddock of Riverdale, IA
Francis Slay of St. Louis, MO
Mark Vulich of Clinton, IA
AC Wharton of Memphis, TN