As a leader you can inspire climate action and prepare your community for the future.


Climate Talking Points

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On alternating months we will pick a topic or theme related to climate change, provide a few positive talking points and some responses to key questions or criticisms. Our goal is to open up the conversation, focus on common values, and help us all move forward, together, on climate solutions. This guidance is grounded in ecoAmerica’s extensive research on climate communications, and our experience deploying it. See list and links below.



June 2018: Caring For Our Climate and Our Children

As we move into summer, many Americans look forward to spending time in nature with their children and families. Summer can be a relief from homework and tests, but it can also be a season when children experience greater health issues from our changing climate. Increased heat stress, decreased air quality, more intense or prolonged allergy seasons, influxes of ticks and other pests, not to mention severe weather events all impact children. June’s Talking Points focus on some of the most climate-vulnerable Americans — our children.

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April 2018: Clean Energy

February 2018: Communities: Where We Can Live Our Best Lives

January 2018: Opening the Discussion