As a leader you can inspire climate action and prepare your community for the future.


About Path to Positive Communities

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Path to Positive Communities is a council of diverse community leaders and organizations united to advance climate solutions. The Path to Positive Communities program empowers local and regional leaders to maximize the opportunities climate solutions bring to American people and their communities, and inspire their citizens and other leaders to support solutions at local, regional, and national levels. Leaders and organizations from American cities, counties, and states are invited to join and leverage the Path to Positive Communities program.

By joining Path to Positive Communities, you will become part of a national network that is committed to local and national solutions to climate change, furthering the work already underway by mayors and county leaders in communities across the country. You will gain access to impactful resources and tools to help you communicate with inspiration and efficacy, and lead citizens and community groups toward a future that is ready to better prepare for climate impacts while also addressing the root causes of climate change.

Path to Positive Communities is a program created by a council of community/municipality leaders in collaboration with ecoAmerica through its MomentUs initiative. It is funded by The MacArthur Foundation, The Linden Trust for Conservation, and others.

Contact our Program Director, Dan Barry, to explore a partner role.